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Regularly taking immune support supplements is a great way to strengthen your immune system and take a big step toward having better health overall. 

From gummies and syrups to tablets and capsules, there are plenty of immune support supplements to choose from. However, not all of these daily immune builders are created equal. Capsules have several distinct advantages that make them the optimal choice for your source of immune support. 


The Important Role of Wholesome Ingredients


Gummies and syrups are some of the most popular choices for daily wellness vitamins, especially among young children. This is largely due to being sweeter than other supplement forms and offering a variety of flavors to choose from. 

The average gummy vitamin has 1-3 grams of sugar each and some brands have as high as 8 grams. Though they may taste delicious, they include extra sugars, carbs, and other artificial dyes and sweeteners that are not necessary to improve immune health. 

Powders are another popular choice because they can easily be mixed in with water, shakes, or even smoothies to provide an extra boost without all of the effort. They often come in small packages that are easily transported, making them a convenient option for anyone who’s often on the go. However, some of these immune support powders can be just as sugar-filled as the gummies. 

A capsule, on the other hand, is the perfect form for a daily immune builder. It can deliver all of the benefits of immune support supplements to the body without using added sugars or artificial flavoring as a delivery man. 


How Veggie Capsules Prevent Contamination and Promote Wellness


Another popular form of immune support supplements is tablets. Though these wellness formula tablets are often better than syrups and gummies because they have little to no added sugar, they do expose the supplements to potential contamination. 

The first place for potential contamination is in the construction of the tablet itself. Tablets are created by manufacturers who use filler ingredients to keep the tablet in one piece. These filler ingredients reduce the purity of the supplement. 

The second drawback to tablets is that once created, there is nothing protecting them from outside contamination. All of your supplement ingredients are compacted together and then left exposed. With no protective layer surrounding the supplements, there is always a potential for outside contaminants latching onto the tablet and lessening its overall effectiveness. 


How Maximum Absorption Influences Immune Defense


Another benefit of using immune supplement capsules is that they protect the supplements from outside sources that prevent maximum absorption, such as stomach acid. Depending on the type of capsule, it also can have a quicker absorption rate, breaking down faster than other supplement forms. 

There are two types of capsules: gelatin and vegetarian. Gelatin capsules are made from a protein found in animals. This often raises concerns for people who are choosing to abstain from consuming animal products for personal, health, or religious reasons. 

Luckily, there is a second type of capsule that is growing in popularity. Vegetarian capsules are made from plant proteins rather than animal proteins. This gives them several distinct benefits like a wider range of temperature tolerance and being more easily dissolved in water. 

Both types of capsules can effectively help more of the supplement make it past the more dangerous parts of the digestive system and safely deliver them to a point where they can be absorbed into the bloodstream. 


Offering better nutrition, more protection, and greater effectiveness, it’s no wonder that the capsule form was chosen for ImunOptimyze. If you want to have the greatest impact on your immune support, choose capsules over alternative forms of wellness vitamins so you can start restoring your health and living a happier, fuller life.




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