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In the Bootstrapping in America podcast with Kristi Ross, Dr. Julie Chen discusses her background, the catalysts that influenced her decision to pursue medicine and the one-a-day immune support vitamin that changed everything. 

During the show, Dr. Julie Chen also dives into the factors that come into play when the immune system is attacked by COVID-19 or other viruses. Big questions like, “Did people who passed away from COVID-19 have weak immune systems?”, how the immune system operates and reacts to viruses like COVID-19 and what factors we can account for when looking for everyday immune support were also discussed. 

Discussion Topics: 

  • How do the vaccines work? 

  • Who should get the vaccine and how do they work? 

  • The ingredients and studies behind the everyday immune support supplement

  • Was ImunOptimyze™ crafted for both men and women?

  • How was ImunOptimyze™ formulated? 

  • Active case studies and clinical trials

  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur and how to finally start a business

  • What’s in store for Wisdom in Wellness

  • Prevention and being proactive in your own wellness

  • Questions to ask your medical and wellness providers should include, “Is this all I can be doing?” and “What more can I do?” 


While utilizing her background and continuing interest in Public Health, Dr. Chen worked in London and observed how healthcare and public health affected London residents, as well as how care was distributed. While pursuing medicine and the extensive research that accompanied her programs, Dr. Chen graduated with her MD, which took her to California to complete her residency. Shortly after that time, Wisdom in Wellness and the daily immune support vitamin ImunOptimyze™ was born. 

ImunOptimyze™ All-In-One Daily Immune Support Supplement utilizes a myriad of natural ingredients to provide essential support to one’s immune system. While filling in the gaps left by poor nutrition, exercise and common vitamin deficiencies, ImunOptimyze™ allows for users to improve their immune systems, influence healthier lifestyle choices and stay well.

To find out more about ImunOptimyze™ immune defense supplement or to get your own bottle, you can buy the multivitamin for immune support here or on Amazon.



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